Splashbacks and Colours

One of the many reasons why splashbacks have gained popularity is its various color options.  In searching for the best splashback shade and color for your kitchen, it is very important to take into consideration factors such as kitchen theme, the personality of the whole house and the overall impact of the splashback layout.

Here are some important tips to follow about color coordinating your kitchen splashbacks with the rest of the kitchen colors:

Colour Scheme

Warm Colours: Using red and orange hues in various tones and combinations can bring a lot of positive energy and cheerfulness into your home. These shades are characteristic of optimism and can in fact boost health and appetite in the kitchen. Colours in this range can be an energy saving strategy to enhance a more energy efficient home.

Cool Colours: Blue and some shades of green are representative of peace and calmness. This can signify relaxation and health which can be a good symbolical representation of your kitchen.

Metallics: These are bold and earthly shades of grey and brown. Most people will find this range inappropriate for the kitchen but a good mix of these metallic splashbacks to your kitchen will add an elegant and sophisticated appeal to your kitchen.

Vibrant Colours: Your kitchen will not hurt with a little vibrant tinge of deep red, fuchsia or solid redwood. The technique would be to balance it with the colors of the other areas of the kitchen.

Cleaning to Enhance Colour

Refrain from using abrasive materials when cleaning your splashbacks. The use of a mild detergent with water instead of chemical based cleaner is much preferred to keep your splashbacks clean and scratch-free.


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