Sliding Door Shower Screens

Sliding-Shower-Screens-1-189x300 Sliding Door Shower ScreensSliding Door Shower Screens

When space is a premium

Our extensive range of sliding door shower screens is the perfect solution to compact bathrooms or where a swinging door simply isn’t practical.  The use of sliding doors reduces the overall space a shower screen needs to function and Jim’s sliding door systems delivers you choice and flexibility across a range of styles and finishes, designed to create a solution that meets your space, budget and taste

Jim’s Glass manufacture a range of sliding shower screens including fully framed, semi frameless and fully frameless – all designed to deliver stylish solutions for compact spaces.

Framed Sliding Shower Screens

Budget meets Practicality

Our Framed Sliding Shower Screens come in a choice of 2 and 3 doors openings or a corner opening, and are available in a range of powder-coated and anodised finishes with a selection of glass styles, all designed to complement your décor and deliver strength and modern elegance to your bathroom.

Two Door Sliding Shower Screen

Two door sliding shower screen uses less framing and the two door configuration helps minimise visual clutter in tight spaces. With the option of having one or both panels slide, it also offers a simple solution for double-sided shower enclosures.

3-door-216x300 Sliding Door Shower ScreensThree Door Sliding Shower Screen

Three door designs offer the advantage of a wider opening with the doors sliding back on each other. The fixed panel is raised from the sill and located inside for safety and easy cleaning. The wheels are located at the top of the screen so they are kept away from soap and grime, also enabling easy adjustment if required.






corner-opening-205x300 Sliding Door Shower ScreensCorner Opening Shower Screens

Corner opening shower screens offer the widest opening for the smallest space, enabling access from the middle of the bathroom. A practical solution and a brilliant design, that allows the toilet and basin to be positioned on either side of the shower recess while providing easy access to the shower. The sliding doors can be closed from both directions and the profiles overlap to minimise water leakage.





Semi-Frameless Sliding Door Shower Screens

A shower screen designed for style

Stylish good looks combined with strength and practicality – our semi-frameless sliding door shower screen combines easy cleaning features with durable hardware finished off with 6mm toughened glass and polished edges. This minimalistic design creates a sense of space and light, with the use of aluminum only around the perimeter, highlighting the frameless glass which delivers an almost invisible appearance which creates that feeling of space, light and elegance.

Industry leading shower screen engineering

The engineering of this screen is sure to impress, with cleaning, water capture and usability all taken into account. The bottom guides can be disengaged to allow for cleaning between the door and fixed panel, with spring loaded carriages that allow the door to be tilted for greater cleaning access. The rollers under the sill minimize friction delivering smooth operation of the door while soft molded stops prevent the door from slamming shut or opening and closing while in use. The door sits below the sill making it extremely resistant to water escaping. All of the mechanism and components are concealed within the stylish slim line frame, so all you see is the glass.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Door Shower Screen Options

This style of shower screen is ideal for shower opening greater than 1200mm wide, and is available in Matt Natural, Bright Silver and Pearl White with a wide choice of handle options, all designed to blend in with modern bathrooms.

Sliding Shower Screen Configurations

sliding-show-screen-configurations Sliding Door Shower Screens