When Does A Simple Change Mean Everyone’s Safety

6-300x200 When Does A Simple Change Mean Everyone’s Safety

Many people who own ‘old’ homes are sceptical about changing their glazing for fear of ruining the house’s design. However, a great number of accidents can be avoided if we do so.

Glass allows natural light in and protects us from bad weather, but if you do not follow Australian safety standards, we might get ourselves into trouble.

Broken glass can pose serious health and life hazards, and can lead to hospital bills and lawsuits. Getting away with it is out of the question since our families’ and employees’ health and lives are at stake when glass breaks at our home and office.

Glass Hazards

A boy was injured while playing catch with his neighbours when the ball hit a window and exploded near their play area. What ensued were a number of stitches and a publicised lawsuit.

A car careened into a coffee shop when it lost its brakes. A college student who was doing his project was caught in the spray of glass and lost his eyesight. These are just a few incidences that regular glass can cause.

Regular glazing that does not meet safety standards breaks in a way that can cause severe injuries with sharp, jagged edges that cut and slice. Awful accidents have happened and saving yourself and others from the excruciating pain and loss that broken glass can give is something you have to think about.

The Right Glass

The Australian building safety standards have ruled that safety glass, fit to be called ‘kidsafe’ should be every business and homeowner’s concern. Responsibility towards yours and other’s safety by having safety A-grade toughened glass that breaks in granules, or wired glass that can resist impacts, and laminated glass that still holds up even when broken is an investment for your family’s and employees’ safety.

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