Why Is Showering A Hassle

blog-124-238x300 Why Is Showering A Hassle

Taking a shower means water would be splashing all around the bathroom. Wet floors, walls, and even towels resting on a rack – a hassle! Smooth tiled floors that are wet can cause serious injuries as someone might slip on it. Walls that are constantly wet  encourage the growth of mildew and moulds that are harmful to your family’s health and are so difficult to remove.

What does a homeowner do to be relieved from all the hassle every time someone takes a shower?

Making It Hassle-Free

Glass shower screens are able to stop water efficiently from running and splashing everywhere in the bathroom. It confines water in the bath area and allows easy cleaning with glass cleaning sprays that are wiped off together with soap scum.

Glass splashbacks ensure that the walls are protected, and moulds and mildew will not stick to any gaps in between as they also adequately protect the concrete behind the walls. Protecting the concrete behind your wall’s finish is a way of making sure that water does not seep and weaken the structure of your home. Simple as glass splashbacks, yet a multitude of benefits for your home!

These are just some of the glass solutions that can help you achieve a cost-effective solution in getting a hassle-free shower experience.

Effective Solutions

Glass shower screens and splashbacks are highly customisable to meet any homeowner’s demands and needs. Glass can match any existing or new design for the bathroom, as well as create a whole new ambiance! Made of safety A-grade glass, it is safe to use in the home and is ‘kidsafe’ for even the littlest member of the family. Different finishes, different designs, or create your own design with glass shower screens and splashbacks.

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