Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

semi-frameless-shower-screen-hero-1-255x300 Semi-Frameless Shower ScreensSemi-frameless Shower Screens

Elegance and style meets practical and functional

Bathroom design is a fashion business and our semi-frameless shower screens feature expansive glass panels with smooth, polished edges that are framed around their perimeter in high-grade aluminum. With more glass and less aluminum, the glass panels themselves are bought to the fore creating a feeling of light and space. The clear glass becomes almost invisible with a low profile slim line aluminum border. A semi-frameless shower screen manages to combine the durability and strength of our framed screens with a much greater sense of space light, elegance and style.

Toughened Shower Screen Glass for Safety

The 6mm toughened safety glass that we use in our semi-frameless shower screens is brought to the fore, with beautiful polished edges and a range of designer handles to choose from to suit your individual taste. Further design features can be achieved by using decorative or patterned glass to create a stylish, contemporary look.

Semi-frameless Shower Screens for slimline sophistication

The profile of the aluminum perimeter is fully integrated with a slim line appearance and a specially designed profile that directs water back into the shower enclosure. We offer a range of aluminum frame colours, giving you the opportunity to personalise your semi-frameless shower screen to further complement the design and colour scheme of your bathroom.

Semi frameless shower screen colours

Semi-frameless Shower Screen Configurations

Semi-frameless shower screens can be fitted with either pivot or sliding doors and can be configured to suit almost any bathroom layout. The pivot patch fittings are elegant and unobtrusive, colour matched to the frame with stainless steel hinge pins to give a lifetime of trouble free use

semi-frameless-showerscreen-configuration Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

With Jim’s Semi-Frameless shower screens, style and sophistication are combined with long-lasting durability and low maintenance—a perfect mix of design and practicality.