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Shower Screens

Jim’s Shower screens, a division of Jim’s Glass specialise in the repair or replacement of existing shower screens and the installation of new shower screens. Jim’s Glass only use trade qualified Glaziers who are the specialists in the use of glass in the home, ensuring you get expert advice and precision measurements to ensure that your shower screen suits your needs, budget and perfectly fits. Whether you are looking to replace a broken or damaged screen, upgrading or requiring a new screen for your new home or renovation, Jim’s Glass have the range, experience and expertise to help. Call 131 546 and book your in-home consultation with a Jim’s Glass Glazier who can provide you with a measure, quote and advise on the best solution to suit your needs.

Which shower screen suits you ?

At Jim’s Shower Screens, we design, fit and install a range of different shower screens, depending on your home, lifestyle and price range, and also offer a variety of glass, fittings and frames.

Framed-shower-screen1-212x300 Jim's Shower ScreensFully Framed Shower Screens

Ideal for repairs and retrofit for the budget conscious

Framed shower screens are fully framed around the perimeter, sides and doors. The frames are made from aluminum and include panels of 4mm – 6mm Safety Glass. Framed Shower Screens are ideal for those working to a budget and are a great solution to upgrading an old worn out shower screen.

Framed shower screens are available with a pivot door or a sliding door option and come in a variety of frame colours and glass styles.

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semi-framed-shower-screen-hero-212x300 Jim's Shower ScreensSemi-Framed Shower Screens

Sophisticated yet budget-conscious

Semi-Framed Shower Screens are comprised of 6mm Toughened Safety Glass, are framed around the perimeter and sides with a frameless door. These cost effective solutions are great for people working to a budget but looking for a higher level of sophistication.

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Semi-Frameless Shower Screenssemi-frameless-shower-screen-hero-255x300-1-212x300 Jim's Shower Screens

Visual appeal at a price point

Semi frameless shower screens have more glass and less aluminium with only the perimeter being framed providing for a fully frameless door and polished exposed glass edges. It is more visually appealing than framed styles and its minimalistic design gives the illusion of space.

Constructed from 6mm Toughened Glass, this is a popular design and delivers a feeling of style and sophistication within the bathroom.

These shower screens can be made with either a pivot door, hinged or sliding door and come in a variety of frame colours and glass styles to customise your bathroom to suit you.


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Fully Frameless Shower Screensframeless-shower-screen-212x300 Jim's Shower Screens

The Ultimate Shower Screen

A frameless shower screen is the ultimate in style and adds high-end sophistication to any bathroom. Made from 10mm Toughened Safety Glass and complimented with a variety of fittings, hinges and handles to suit you décor, fully frameless shower screens ooze opulence and style.

Jim’s Glass specialise in fully frameless shower screens systems and can design a solution to enhance your bathroom and give you that 5-star hotel look and feel.

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slider-2-door-showerscreen-205x300 Jim's Shower ScreensSliding Shower Screens

An ideal solution for small bathrooms

Where a swinging or pivot shower door simply isn’t practical and maximising space is essential, the use of sliding doors in your shower screen is a perfect solution by reducing the overall space required for a shower recess; opening up your bathroom.

Jim’s Glass has a range of sliding door shower systems including multi-paneled framed sliding shower screens through to stylish semi and fully frameless systems all designed to deliver reliable strength with sleek, modern elegance and maximum flexibility.

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bathroom-mirror-200x300 Jim's Shower ScreensMirrors

Upgrade your bathroom with a custom made to fit mirror

Mirrors don’t just have a practical function, they also create an impression of more space and light. Jims Glass can enhance your bathroom with an extensive range of mirror options such as bevelled and polished mirror edges. Customer made mirrors are the perfect way to complete your bathroom, precisely measured to fit providing you with a perfect finish.

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Shower Screen Replacement/Repair

Jim’s Glass has glaziers “on call” who are fully qualified, fully insured and have full police clearances – You should never settle for anything less! Jim’s Glass provides a responsive and reliable service ensuring your shower screen glass replacement will be completed in the fastest possible time to minimise any inconvenience.

Emergency Shower Screen RepairEmergency-Shower-Screen-Repair Jim's Shower Screens

If your broken shower screen poses a safety risk, Jim’s Glass emergency glass replacement service is available 24/7. After hours callouts will incur an after-hours callout fee which can be covered by insurance.

Insurance cover for your shower screen

Broken or cracked shower screen glass is usually covered by your insurance policy. Jim’s Glass provides an insurance service to replace your shower screen.

New Shower Screens

new-shower-screens-212x300 Jim's Shower ScreensJust like any other room in your home, your bathroom is a reflection of your lifestyle, your imagination, and of what’s important to you. And at the heart of most Australian bathrooms is the shower. This means that the design, appearance and the way that your shower screen functions should complement and enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom, and match your family’s needs.

Jim’s Shower Screens specialise in a range of flexible, versatile and visually appealing shower screen solutions that are custom designed, individually made and expertly fitted so as to help you bring out the very best in your bathroom.

Fully Framed Shower Screens
Semi-Framed Shower Screens
Semi-Frameless Shower Screens
Sliding Shower Screens
Fully Frameless Shower Screens

First-rate materials and workmanship

We guarantee quality workmanship and high-grade materials that will ensure your custom-made shower screen looks fantastic and functions effectively for years to come, and that it suits perfectly your bathroom design, your family’s needs and, just as importantly, your budget.

Your choice of shower screen will depend on your individual style, budget and more importantly, the size and layout of your bathroom. Jim’s Glass offers a FREE Measure & Quote service where a Jim’s Glazier will work with you to design your shower screen that meets your needs and budget.

Expert measuring and design combined with precision installation

No two bathrooms are the same, and our experienced team of professionals are skilled at measuring and installing shower screens for every type of bathroom, no matter the shape, size or dimension.Shower-Screen-06 Jim's Shower Screens

Bathrooms are out of square with slopes and obstructions commonplace. It is, therefore, essential that your Shower Screen is measured and installed correctly to ensure a perfect fit. All Jim’s Shower screens are measured and installed by Fully Qualified Glaziers who understand and work with glass on a daily basis, resulting in a Shower Screen that is custom made to meld beautifully into your specific bathroom, tailored to your personal taste, style and budget.

After a precise measuring of your shower recess, we then use state-of-the-art precision machinery to cut your glass panels so that they fit your specified dimensions perfectly.

Because our team comprises of trained and fully qualified glaziers who are experienced at working with all types of glass in a wide variety of applications, you can be assured that our design, fitting and installation will all be first rate.

Quality shower screen fittings

We are able to offer a choice of shower screen hardware , using high-grade framing and solid brass hinges and handles coated in a variety of colours from polished chrome through to black or antique bronze.hinges2 Jim's Shower Screens

Because we install only high-grade fittings, our hinges, frames and handles don’t suffer from cracking, rusting or peeling, such as you might encounter with cheaper fittings. This means they will retain their look and function smoothly for many years, without the inconvenience of needing to have them replaced or repaired.

Free measure and quote and prompt delivery

As part of our exemplary customer service, we offer a free measure and quote, and our team of expert glaziers will work closely with you to ensure that your new shower screen meets your precise needs in its design, materials and price.

As we manufacture our shower screens in-house, we are able to provide prompt and reliable delivery and your new shower screen will be ready for installation within 5 – 10 business days of it being measured.

Our Services

As part of our comprehensive service, Jim’s Shower Screens is proud to offer:

Trained, qualified and highly-skilled glaziers
Jim’s Group Customer Service Guarantee
Free measure and quote service
Lifetime guarantee on all workmanship
10-year guarantee on shower screen fittings
Glass panels covered by manufacturer’s warranties
Custom design and manufacture
Prompt delivery
Expert fitting and installation
Certificate of compliance (Australian Standard AS1288/2006)
All our glaziers have police checks and clearances and are OH&S compliant
Full damage and public liability insurancelogos2 Jim's Shower Screens