Fully Frameless Shower Screens

Fully-Frameless-Shower-Screens-236x300 Fully Frameless Shower ScreensFully Frameless Shower Screen

The Ultimate Shower Screen

Our custom-measured and individually manufactured fully frameless shower screens are the epitome of contemporary elegance; adding light, space and high end sophistication to any bathroom interior in a functional, durable way.

Quality glass, quality design

Made from 10mm Grade A toughened safety glass that is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS1288, our frameless shower screens combine sophisticated design with reliability and strength, meaning that our screens are a decorative feature in their own right while still being robust enough for the rigors of family life.

Fully frameless shower screen sophistication

Nothing compares to the look, feel and quality of a fully frameless shower screen. It’s the ultimate 
in style and brings another level of sophistication to your bathroom.

Eliminating heavy and unsightly shower frames works towards creating a bathroom with a modern, spacious feel. A frameless shower screen adds elegance and style to a bathroom of any era, with clean lines and quality fittings. Innovative in design, this superior product is extremely durable in all conditions.

A fully frameless shower screen gives light and space

A frameless shower screen is the ultimate finish to your bathroom. The glass panels provide the illusion of space and light, making your bathroom appear larger and spacious. The glass panels in our frameless shower screens, all with rounded, polished edges, are entirely unencumbered, and so the feeling of space is palpable, while your whole bathroom seems brighter without a frame impeding the light. A frameless screen is also an effective means of highlighting other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Personalised and Unique Shower Screen

Jim’s Shower Screens is also able to offer a wide variety of patterned and decorative glass styles, alongside an extensive range of hinges and handles, in a variety of finishes from polished chrome through to modern matt black. This enables an even greater degree of personalisation, making your custom-designed screen truly unique and reflective of your design and lifestyle needs.

Fully frameless shower screen with pivot or sliding doors

Frameless shower screens can be designed with either hinged or sliding doors, or a simple yet elegant fixed panel; the design options are endless.

First-rate materials and workmanship

Innovative in design and constructed from premium-grade materials, our frameless shower screens are custom-made to your precise specifications and bathroom layout. Whether in an inner-city apartment, a heritage property or any style of suburban family house, our frameless shower screens add value to your home, enhance your lifestyle, and make keeping your bathroom clean a simple and stress-free task.

Frameless shower screen is easy to clean

Frameless shower screens are incredibly simple to clean and maintain because the whole surface of each glass panel is accessible and therefore easy to wipe down, while there is less chance of mould and mildew developing because dirt, grime and germs have no frame under which to gather and grow.

Custom designed Fully frameless shower screen

All of our frameless shower screens are custom-designed and manufactured to your precise specifications, and our experienced and highly-qualified in-house team of glaziers undertake the measure and installation. We therefore can take care of the whole process ourselves, from measurement, production and final fitting, and so you can be assured of receiving Jim’s Shower Screens renowned customer care and service at every step along the way.