Shattered Window? There Is No Need to Wait with Jim’s 24/7 Emergency Glass Repair

Emergency Glass Repairs, Day Or Night!

Is some of the glass around your home or business starting to crack? Or have you experienced an unfortunate accident resulting in a shattered window, shower screen or any other glass product? Don’t stress; stay safe by contacting Jim’s Glass.

We have a team of glaziers mobilised 24/7 to handle emergency glass repair and replacement. This way, you can return the area in question to a safe and functional state. If the weather, an accident or something has caused your window to shatter, call Jim’s Glass immediately and we will ensure a safe and diligent repair.


Our mobile van is always ready to go. Servicing the greater Adelaide area, we will be able to come to your property, equipped with the tools necessary to provide a permanent or temporary fix for your situation. Your safety is our number one priority, and our team of glaziers will know what needs to happen to ensure that the glass is secure for the long-term.

Our team has all the tools and glass-materials on hand to make regular window repairs and small replacements. Alternatively, our glazier will be able to determine a course of action that will keep you safe for the time being.


One of the reasons that we find customers repeatedly using our service is just how fast we can take your shattered glass and return it to a stable state. We understand the value of maintaining a safe space and will work efficiently and effectively.

We work with safety as our number one priority, not just for our team members, but for those who are near the shattered window.

Capability and experience

With years of experience helping South Australians rectify glass-related issues, you can rest assured knowing that we will know how to tackle your particular situation. There is no task that we would be afraid to approach. No matter how large the affected area is or what position it is in, we will do our best to repair, replace or temporarily fix the material for your safety and protection. We are the local glass experts, which means that you can be confident in our ability to handle different glass-related issues across multiple property types and situations.

Our access to premier glass-materials and types is second-to-none, which means that we will be able to find a replacement (should it be needed) that doesn’t look out of place.

If you have unfortunately shattered a window, you can immediately call Jim’s Glass for 24/7 emergency glass repair. Let our experienced team handle the process, so you don’t have to stress! Call anytime, any day!