When to Replace Glass

32-300x213 When to Replace Glass

Glass, with all its beauty and functionality is at the same time an extremely breakable material. When it breaks, it poses a high probability of injury. Accidents can happen, yet most of these accidents can actually be avoided.

Modern glass has taken off into a different direction with safety standards, as well as innovative engineering advancements. Safety glass is now readily available to homeowners; however, if your house was built before 1989; then chances are, the glass used within the home is below safety standards. Glass failures in these old houses are usually due to damage that are pre-existing and had been triggered to express itself as a full blown failure. Knowing when to replace glass even before it gets broken is a key to preventing any untoward incidents to happen.

  • Scratches. When there are scratches that are evident, the glass can break cleanly off from the scratches as a result of pressure causing the glass to break; or in this case fail.
  • Untempered glass. It breaks into large shards and can fall which poses a danger to anyone near it. Glass that has not passed through 1989 Australian safety standards can break easily when leaned on or when pressure is applied to it.
  • Chipped at the edge. Glass easily breaks when there is a chip on the edge; hence, new homes have rubber setting blocks beneath the glass when it is installed.
  • A house constructed before 1989. The Australian safety standards for glass had been enforced in 1989 in answer to the growing needs of safety within structures utilising glass. Houses that were built before this time has a high possibility of having glass that is below standards.

Should any of the abovementioned scenarios is present, it is time to have that glass replaced and call a professional. With the dwellers’ safety in mind, using modern glass that is up to standards is the best replacement for that old glass within the home.

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