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Renovating Your Adelaide Bathroom?

Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Frameless Shower Screen!

When it’s time to finally get around to that daunting bathroom renovation, what are the most important things to consider? It’s stressful to think about, but thankfully, the expert team at Jim’s Glass will always be there to help.

We have always been of the belief that the beginning to any successful bathroom renovation is to start with a striking and timeless frameless shower screen. It’s inarguable that frameless shower screens look fantastic in any bathroom, as they open up space and demonstrate pure class and luxury.

At Jim’s, we are so obsessed with frameless shower screens that we’ve brought you a list of reasons why it should be the number one choice for your bathroom restoration. Continue reading, and by the end of this post, we hope that you’re as enthralled by the brilliance of frameless shower screens as we are.

Frameless Shower Screens Make Everything Else Pop

The reason we say that frameless shower screens should be the first decision in your bathroom renovation is that of the way they can impact the rest of your bathroom positively. Featured tiles look extraordinarily lavish in conjunction with frameless shower screens, and a statement-piece sink gets brought to life.

The transparency of frameless shower screens allows every other feature of your bathroom to thrive and become the focus. However, this is not to say that the frameless shower screen isn’t just as impressive in its own right.

Following the tried and tested method of keeping it simple has always worked for bathrooms and will continue to be a fashionable and sophisticated trend into the foreseeable future. Everyone wants their space to appear as visually large as possible, and there is no better way to help this than with a frameless shower screen.

How to Maintain Your Frameless Shower Screen

Another fantastic reason to invest in a timeless frameless shower screen is that they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The way that a frameless shower screen gets constructed means that there are very few places for scum to build up.

While easy to clean, your frameless shower screens will still require a wipe over from time to time. To avoid damaging the frame finish, we recommend using one of either vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice and salt.

Using vinegar from a spray bottle and scrubbing with a non-scratch cloth is enough to find that perfect sheen again. Lemon and salt can be used on a toothbrush to eliminate rusty build up that will eventually accumulate with extended use.

If it’s time for you to overhaul your bathroom with a stunning frameless shower screen, then call the team at Jim’s today and talk with us about how we can transform your home today!