How to Remove Candle Wax Stains on Glass

Candles are great ornaments to set the mood. Lighted candles are great for intimate dinners, large family parties or even just a common living room deodoriser or decor. As much as they are great accessories to complete your table setting, they can also be a burden especially when they leave candle wax marks on the glass table tops.

Here are some effective ways to clean off hardened candle marks from glass table tops.

  • If there are large hardened wax clumps, you can gently scrape them off using your fingers or a dull wooden letter opener. Some people also use the edge of plastic spoons to aid them in removing the hardened clumps.
  • Use a hairdryer set at medium heat. This has to be aimed directly onto the smaller clumps to melt the hardened wax.
  • The softened wax can be wiped away using soft paper towels. After wiping a batch off the table, discard the used paper towels and never use them to wipe another batch because you will just end up rubbing the melted wax back and forth atop the glass surface.
  • Continue heating the wax using the hair dryer and blotting the melted wax with the soft paper towels until almost completely gone.
  • Prepare white vinegar and water mixture. Dampen a soft cloth with this mixture and use this to wipe off the remaining candle wax substance on the glass surface.
  • Use a dryer sheet to wipe off excess wax candle residue.
  • It may also be wise to use a commercial glass cleaner to wipe out extra residue.

If there are no hardened candlewax clumps but waxy stains on your glass table top:

  • Spray some insect repellent onto the waxy stain.
  • Rub the stainusing a damp but soft rag or cheesecloth.
  • Clean the residue using your favourite glass cleaner and paper towel.

These are just some home remedies that home makers can try. If you have stubborn waxy stains that cannot be removed, or you may have damaged your glass table top by scraping off the candle wax stains, you may want to have them replaced.


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