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Reduce Bathroom Cleaning With A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Easy To Clean Semi-Frameless Shower Screens!

One of the more tedious tasks associated with a bathroom is the cleaning aspect. For safety and overall aesthetic, it is essential to ensure that all grime, dirt and mineral deposits are dealt with or get regularly cleaned. If you are undertaking a form of bathroom/home renovation, a semi-frameless shower screen is a great way to keep things clean.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in supplying and installing a range of semi-frameless shower screens for South Australian bathrooms. If you are looking for a stylish, functional shower screen that can help you reduce bathroom cleaning, look no further.

Hygiene and Health

While you are cleaning, you wash away the bacteria in the dirt that may be on your body. In framed shower screens, a lot of the bacteria can become trapped in the frame. If not cleaned continuously you can expose your bathroom to a range of different, potentially detrimental germs.

A semi-frameless shower screen decreases the amount of build-up found in these spaces, by merely removing the frame in some areas. This way, you do away with even the most tucked-away germs in your shower space.

The Variations

Different shower screens are better or worse at trapping dirt and debris. While semi-frameless shower screens reduce the number of germs in your shower, the completely frameless options further enhances this capability. Similarly, it is hard to match the timeless look of framed variations, which are available in a range of different finishes. Ultimately, the less framing there is on a shower screen, the less diligent and thorough cleaning you will have to do to ensure hygiene.

We can help you determine the areas that will need attention, but overall, the cohesiveness of the shower screens we offer means that very little grime will be built up.


Like any alteration to your home, the quality of installation relies heavily on the skills of the glaziers handling the task. To minimise gaps (where dirt and grime are prone to building up), you want a professional installation service.


The key to maintaining a private bathroom is always concerned with how diligently you choose to clean the space. If you are careful and thorough with your cleaning, you will have no trouble removing germs and bacteria from your shower frame. We can offer advice as to which course of action will best suit the cleaning process of your shower screen, without damaging the product.

If you are proactive and select a semi-frameless shower screen for your next bathroom renovation, you will minimise the amount of cleaning you need to do to keep the space hygienic.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in diligent installation to ensure that your shower is functional and safe.

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