Protect Your Table With a Glass Table Top From Jim’s

How to protect your table

Jim’s Glass has provided residents across Australia with high-quality glass table tops for many years. With multiple shops in different states, we have worked on everything from window repairs to shop front windows. Although most customers trust our services, more customers have relied on Jim’s Glass company for custom table tops. But why should you get a glass table top? Let us look at the benefits:


Glass table tops protect the table against stains from makeup, paint, and food. You can wipe what has spilled on the glass table top quickly without worrying if the wood on the table is affected. It is always easier to clean the glass daily. On a wooden table, you need to polish and clean the furniture while allowing some drying time. At the same time, you also need special cleaners for specific types of wood. But with a glass table top, you quickly cut the tools and the time of cleaning the table considerably.


Simple devices like electronics, vases, and keys can easily cause a blemish on wood. But on glass table tops, your furniture can be safe from dents and scratches. This property is one of the primary reasons why you should invest in getting a custom glass table top to protect your table.

Provides Longevity

You can quickly increase the lifespan of your furniture by adding a glass table top. If you have spent a lot of money and time in restoring a precious antique table, you can preserve it further by adding a custom-cut glass tabletop.

Creates Style

Glass creates a sense of style and sophistication. When you add a custom glass tabletop onto a piece of furniture, you promote the furniture to a status of elegance. There are lots of styling options you can choose from at Jim’s Glass to fit your theme. Glass has different colours, patterns, thickness, and layerings. There are numerous considerations before you pick the perfect fit to match with your contemporary or modern design.

Creates an Illusion of Space

If your living room space is small, you can open it up by using a glass table top that will make the room seem bigger. A glass table top creates an illusion of extra space. You can see the difference when you swap solid wood furniture with a piece of furniture that has a glass table top.

Changes the Ambience in the Light

If you desire to lighten up a room, you can use a transparent glass on your table to create a beautiful sparkle and shimmer when light bounces on it.

Whatever the type of table you have, whether it’s a circular end table, a rectangular dining table, or an office desk, Jim’s Glass can cut the ideal size in any shape.  Whatever your needs are, you can trust Jim’s glass to deliver the quality glass table tops for your commercial or residential needs. For more information, call our 24-hour hotline at 131 546 today.