Pet doors Frequently Asked Questions

Our pets have become part of our very own families. As such, we make it a point to provide our pets with all the necessary things they need to enjoy and do about their everyday tasks. One of these needs include an easy access to our house and back.

Here are some commonly asked questions and their specific answers related to glass pet doors:

Can my current glass pet door be upgraded to an electronic glass pet door?

Yes. The upgrade is possible and very easy to install. We will attach the system to the underside of your existing pet door and will be paired with a dog collar or bracelet for functionality.

What are the glass pet door sizes?

Our glass doors are available in 2 sizes. They can accommodate cats, small dogs up to medium sized and big dog breeds.

Are the glass pet doors safe and secure?

You can be assured that Jim’s Glass pet doors are in full compliance with Australian Standards. Most pet doors available in the market can be used by thieves to gain entry to the house, our glass pet doors however are fully integrated and thus you can be assured of a safe and secure access made only for your pets.

How long will it take for installation to be finished?

Jim’s Glass will have everything ready within 7 business days.

Why does my glass panel need to be replaced, how about just cutting a hole into existing glass?

The existing glass panels may not be able to sustain the stress involved in cutting the hole, much more the everyday pressure of friction and movement created by the entry and exit of your pet. According to Australian Glass Standards, Toughened A Grade Safety Glass is the only type of glass that is suited to the task in compliance with the safe glazing code.

Is it difficult to train pets to use the pet door?

No. Going in and out through the pet door comes naturally with your pet. The best way is to encourage your pets with treats.

I don’t want my neighbour’s cats to be using my pet door, how can this be done?

The best answer is an electronic upgrade. The door will only respond to the electronic collar/bracelet that is worn on your pet’s neck.

I am hesitant to let people work in my home without certifications and safety clearances; can your company provide these requirements?

Yes. You can be assured Jim’s Glass technicians are fully qualified and fully insured. All police clearances are updated including certifications from Glass Organizations.


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