Patterned Toughened Glass

We provide a selection of patterned toughened glass that offers privacy and style. Additionally, our selections allow more light into the rooms in your home or business. With the selection of patterned toughened glass that we offer, you not only have a wide array of attractive options to choose from, but you also have the peace of mind that the glass is built to be durable and resistant offering protection and a sense of security.


The privacy, style and security featured in our patterned toughened glass provide you with an easy decision. Some of the benefits of this glass include:

  • Different levels of privacy, dependent on your needs. They are graded from the least obscuration at 1 to the greatest amount of obscuration, graded at 5;
  • We offer many different patterns to choose from in order to customize your space how you desire;
  • Is an option that is suitable for double glazing.


The number of uses for patterned toughened glass are vast, however some of the most common applications include:

  • Windows and doors: This offers a decorative and secure option for both the interior and exterior of buildings and homes;
  • Curtain walls;
  • Internal partitions;
  • Roof or skylights.


We offer this patterned toughened glass in any size that is necessary for the successful completion of your project. No matter if it is glass floors, glass walls or decorative touches, this is a popular option due to the resilience, durability and decorative nature of the glass. If you need any custom made pieces, you can discuss the needs with our glass technicians, who will work to ensure you receive the perfect size and fit for your specific project.

While this glass is usually thick compared to traditional float glass, due to the additional security it provides, we are able to custom order the glass you desire to a smaller thickness if needed.

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