Patio Glass Doors

Thanks to modern technology, glass patio doors are now more affordable and more functional. There are also various choices that one can look into when choosing the right patio glass door. It is important to remember that the type of choice should address functionality and energy efficiency concerns and of course the type that will also blend with the overall house theme. It will also be wise to consider budget limitations when shopping for your patio door.

Patio doors allow access to your backyard, deck or garden and should therefore provide a peek into the outside and yet provide security and enclosure of the interior of the house. The transparency and the durability of glass are characteristics that make it real perfect for a patio door.


French Glass Doors – For large spaces and areas (for singing inward and outward), French Glass Patio Doors are recommended. In-swing French doors are always regarded as elegant and a classic option especially for large houses and wider pathways. Always remember that the hinged and swinging action of these glass doors will take up much space and should be put away from furniture and other home fixtures.

If the interior of the house is lacking in space, another option is the out-swing French door. When choosing this type of door, consider the inability to provide insect screens or bug screens so they will work with bug free and mozzy-free areas or when secondary to an enclosed area.

When choosing French glass patio doors make sure to take note of durability of the glass material you will use. This is because the doors are subjected to slamming and banging and sudden wind gusts and other weather traumas day in and day out.

Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding patio doors are appropriate for areas needing a wide opening but cannot accommodate the space for the swinging action of hinged doors. These doors are also perfect because they don’t interfere with furniture placement because of the very narrow space they occupy.

Folding/Accordion Patio Doors – They maybe a bit costly than other types because there are more panels that need to be installed.  But these doors are pricey for their multifunctional characteristics. You can have the option to maximize the opening during big parties or functions or choose to just open a few panels for ventilation purposes. These doors are very attractive and modern in appeal and as such will add to your home’s aesthetic value.

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