Pet door

New Family Pet?

It Will Love Using Its Pet Door from Jim’s!

Is your pet the most spoilt member of your family? If such is the case, then it only makes sense to provide your loving animal with the ultimate freedom and install pet doors in your home.

Glass pet doors from Jim’s are especially great for your pet as they are generally less frightening for animals to approach and they have an easy time learning to use them. Allowing your pet the freedom to use pet doors at their leisure will make both animal and owner alike very happy.

Professional Finish

The pet doors that Jim’s supply and install are specifically designed to fit into the existing glass. We can perfectly integrate our pet doors into any low-level glass panel around your home.

When we install our pet doors, we make sure to use A-grade toughened safety glass, which complies with Australian standards.


We know that your beloved pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer two sizes of pet doors to better suit your needs. Additionally, if for whatever reason you need your pet doors to only swing one way at a given time then we can comfortably accommodate this request.

At Jim’s, we have brought pet doors into the 21st century, and it’s no hassle to upgrade your pet doors to work electronically. We take security seriously and strive to ensure that every alteration we make to your home is adequately safe.


As mentioned above, Jim’s Glass understands how vital safety and security is to you as a homeowner. It’s for this reason that we utilise A-grade toughened safety glass for our pet doors.

The pet doors from Jim’s are pre-cut through the glass before it’s strengthened to provide ultimate strength and to endure continual use from your pet. Other pet doors operate similarly with an insert panel, which can be easily exploited by criminals if they try to access your home.

All of the glaziers employed by Jim’s Glass have police clearance, occupational health & safety qualifications and are fully-trained industry professionals that you can trust. At Jim’s, all the jobs we perform are made to last, and we never compromise on quality or efficiency.

One of our glaziers will install your new pet doors within seven business days after the placement of your order. All measurements and precautions are made and assessed by our skilled team – we even take care of the mess!

At Jim’s, we don’t take any half measures and make sure that our jobs are completed timely, successfully and with complete customer satisfaction. If the cutest member of your family could use a new pet door, then don’t hesitate to call the experts at Jim’s.

Call us now for a free, no-obligation measure and quote!