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Need to update your interior design scheme? Have you considered a custom mirror?

Custom Size Mirrors

Finding cost-effective ways to revitalise a particular space within your home or business is a tall order. At Jim’s Glass, we have worked on many projects, and have found that a well-placed and reflective custom-sized mirror is a fantastic way to alter the interior scheme of a particular room completely.

Whether it be a large business, a small residential bathroom, or even a luxury walk-in robe, at Jim’s Glass, we provide custom mirror sizing and installation that is not only cost-effective but also an incredible way to turn a room around. How will a custom-sized mirror change a room? Well, let us tell you!


The reality is that mirrors have a place just about anywhere. That is what is so fantastic about a custom mirror. You can revamp your interior design scheme without moving everything around. If space limits you to some degree, you can create a small mirror, or if you have ample space, a large, full body mirror can become a statement for the room. Either way, the versatility of a custom mirror provides incredible customisation ability for a Perth property.


Mirrors have an incredible ability to create the illusion of space in a room. That is why it is not uncommon to see different mirrors of all scopes and sizes in hallways, bedrooms function rooms. One of the ways that can change the entire ambience of a place is to speak to Jim’s Glass about the possibility of adding a custom mirror. Not only are there a lot of options, but you can always continue to switch up the style with different frames and orientations.


Finally, it is no secret that mirrors have become a part of everyday life. Whether it is to complete simple tasks such as brushing teeth or tying a tie, or whether you want to ensure you look the part before a big meeting, mirrors are essential. By choosing to add a custom sized mirror, you are allowing yourself to add a functional aspect to a given room. It helps with value, but also allows you control over where you place the mirror. If you tend to get ready in the bedroom rather than the bathroom, and only have a small amount of wall space, a custom mirror may be what you need!

A custom mirror is not only a room-changing alteration but with Jim’s Glass; it is a cost-effective one too. If you want to add a custom mirror as a part of your new innovative design, or perhaps you wish to add a slight bit of flare to your Perth property, call Jim’s Glass today. For professional help and installation, look no further.