How Are Modern Shower Screens Different

2-300x204 How Are Modern Shower Screens Different

Made of toughened A-Grade Saftey glass, truly shower screens had come a long way! Preventing water from spilling out of the enclosure is the main function of a frameless shower screen. However, since people started using glass in making screens, light is now allowed into the shower area. Today, functional and aesthetic points have been awarded to glass shower screens, making it the most essential part of every bathroom.

Shower Screens and Beyond

The future of frameless and semi-frameless shower screens brings about new and exciting changes – changes that can make our whole life better and more beautiful. With virtually unlimited options for you, frosted glass screens give you full functionality, as well as a feeling of privacy. It is pleasant to the eyes, while tinted glass adds colour and effect to your bathroom. In line with this, frosted or patterned glass provides your bathroom an artistic feature. Clear, glass shower screens, give you a perception of space.

With endless possibilities available to you, choosing what would suit your bathroom design can be a pain. Basing on the number of available styles and design, personal preference, shower configuration, available space, and budget, choosing the best for your home can be done in no time at all! Calling experts to help you out can prove to be a time and cost saver for any homeowner.

A professional glazier who will listen to your ideas, as well as take the time to consider the site of installation can help a lot. Professionals who can do repairs (just in case you would need it) any time should also be taken into consideration. For frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower screens, call Jim’s Glass at 131 546 now or book an appointment.