Doing Some Interior Design? Upgrading Your Bathroom or
Need to Replace a Broken or Damaged Mirror?

1 MirrorsJim’s Glass can replace your damaged mirrors, even into your furniture or frames. The ability to cut mirrors to size and have them installed by fully qualified glaziers ensures that your mirror repairs are perfect, and backed by Jim’s Glass lifetime guarantee.

Mirrors are also a beautiful accessory to your home. If you are upgrading your bathroom or creating a unique place in your home, besides their practical function, mirrors also create an appearance of space, enhance lighting and reflect colour. Mirrors can transform an entire wall into a feature, or turn a small bathroom into feeling like a palace with the illusion of more space!

Jim’s Glass manufacture their mirrors ensuring the highest quality and perfect, precision, cut to size measurements. This ensures you can create the look and feel you desire. With a range of edges, finishes and treatments to transform your space, custom mirrors are the perfect way to give your home that unique & elegant touch.

Whether it is Segmented, Curved, Sandblasted, Etched, Bevelled Edge or Tinted, we have an impressive range of finishes to suit any design style.

The most popular finishes are typically Bevelled and Polished: Bevelled edge mirror is a stylish addition to any area in the house, especially your bathroom. The elegantly designed edge that creates a 45° angle which acts as a frame for the mirror, giving the mirror its own depth and character. The edges are then polished smooth and rounded off to ensure both safety and elegance at the same time.

Jim’s Glass can make a mirror almost any shape you desire, and in a small room a mirror will create the illusion of space. Any room in your house with a custom cut mirror will appear bright, spacious and elegant giving light and a sense of extra space to your home.

Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 to book an appointment.