How to Maximise Your Shopfront

The shopfront window provides both structural and aesthetic purposes to any business establishment. It is also considered a very important element in a shop’s promotional efforts. This makes sense as it is the first thing that customers notice when they visit or at least pass by your store.

There are different ways to customise a shopfront – from placing attractive signs to strategic arrangements of the displays on the window. But you can make the most out of this feature by taking care of your shopfront glass. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Regular maintenance. Keep your shopfront glass in top condition by having it cleaned regularly. Most of the issues that involve glass shopfront can be taken care of by routine cleaning and maintenance. With regular cleaning, you can keep the glass looking pristine and while preventing damage caused by dirt and mineral build up of its surface.
  • Replace damaged glass immediately. In spite of being designed to withstand the elements and accidental breakage, ordinary shopfront glass has its limits. As soon as you see any signs of damages on your shopfront glass, make sure to call a professional glass installer right away.
  • Upgrade the glass. Shopfront windows and doors can get old, hazy, or damaged. It would be best to upgrade it to high quality commercial safety glass, especially if it does not comply with government standards. Old glass exposes you and everyone in your shop to safety and security risks. By replacing your shop glass panels or doors with quality safety glass, you are not only adhering to building requirements, you are also protecting your staff and customers.

Whether you’re installing a shopfront glass to your newly built store or replacing an old, broken one, a professional glass installer can do the job for you. Jim’s Glass delivers the right combination of knowledge, skills, and expertise to meet your shopfront requirements. Call 131 546 to book an appointment and receive a free, no obligation quote! Their highly trained glass professionals will come over your store for inspection.