Pet door

Make Your Life And Your Pets’ Life Easier With A Pet Door From Jim’s Glass!

Get A Pet Door From Jim’s Glass and Make Life Easier:

Are you still thinking if pet doors are necessary for your house or not? Putting yourself in your pet’s “shoes” should make the decision easier for you. Could you live in a house with all the windows and doors locked from the outside? Did you feel anxious just thinking about being trapped inside?

Just like you need a door to your house to get in and out quickly and independently, pet doors are considered as the main entrance and exit to your pet. Investing in high-quality pet doors for your home provides numerous benefits, not just for your pet, but for you, as well.


Pet doors give your pet more freedom and independence to go in and out of the house. They will not be barking or jumping around asking for your assistance.


Forget about waking up early during holidays or late at night to let your pet out. With pet doors, your pet will not require your assistance anymore.

No Damage to your house

Since it has the freedom to get in and out of the house, your pet will not feel trapped inside. It will not try to get out by jumping out of the window or scratching your wooden floor. The anxiety of being locked up can also develop behavioural problems, like scratching and chewing on furniture.

Happier and Healthier Pets

Pets often seem more satisfied when they spend more time outside. Running around outdoors will give your pet the exercise and psychological stimulation it needs for its overall development.

Also, if your pet holds urine in for long periods, it can allow bacteria to colonise its bladder and cause infections.

Saving Energy

With pet doors, you will not need to open and close the door multiple times per day to let your pet in and out of the house. The size of a pet door is smaller than your regular door; thus maintaining the house temperature.

More Security

Knowing that your pet has its own passageway, will enable you to lock your doors and windows as you please. You will not have to leave your door open or forget to lock it after letting your pet in.

Jim’s pet doors offer you even more flexibility with the options to quickly lock the pet door or have it only swing one way. We also provide electronic pet doors. This unique system attaches itself to the underside of the pet door and allows just your pet in, recognising it via the collar tag it is wearing.

Most pet doors systems compromise on the look and sometimes also the security of your home. Not Jim’s pet doors! High-grade commercial acrylic and a double-sided mounting system make our pet doors not only strong and durable but also visually appealing to complement the surrounding architecture of your home. What are you waiting for? Get some peace of mind and allow your pet to have a more comfortable life with one of our high-quality pet doors, call Jim’s Glass now!