How to Make Your Glass Dining Table Top Sparkle

Both sides of a glass-topped dining table are visible. That’s why both sides should be cleaned. And that could give you some cleaning challenge. Even its location matters. Natural light usually highlights any imperfections, more so if the table is near a window. Another consideration is the glass frame. Wood, plastic or metal – each of these elements interacts with glass cleaner differently. Wood can be damaged by ammonia, dyes, ethylene and other common glass-cleaner ingredients. The same thing goes true with metal or plastic frames. You’re in luck if the glass sits on the table without any frame. It is a lot easier to clean.

Just follow the directions below and your glass-topped dining table could sparkle. 

  • You ‘ll be needing:  a lint-free cloth, shaving brush, hot soapy water and an empty spray bottle that will contain your alcohol, water and vinegar  spray solution.
  • Clear everything off your table top, it will be very hard to thorough clean it if you cannot move around the whole surface.
  • Wash off the top and bottom of the tabletop with a lint-free cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. Then, wipe both sides with a clean wet cloth
  • Next, use multi-surface spray or wipes- that’s  a  cleaner  that is safe  to use for both glass and wood, if your glass has  a wood frame.  Be careful to keep the glass cleaner from coming into contact with the wood. And that the wood cleaner does not touch the glass. Remember, use one type of cleaner for the glass and another for the wood.
  • Fill your spray bottle with 1 cup water, 1 cup rubbing alcohol and one tbsp. vinegar. The alcohol helps the solution dry quickly, so that you don’t leave streaks behind. Then spray the solution onto the glass, wiping it off with a lint-free cloth. The etched portion of the glass is best cleaned with a shaving brush.
  • Try a mildly abrasive cleaner made for glass and other hard surfaces, to remove tough dirt, so as not scratch your tabletop.
  • To be sure you can maintain the sparkling shine of your glass table top, use mats or coasters to protect your glass table top from stains and scratches.
  • After all steps and options have been exhausted and you still think your glass dining table top is not sparkling enough, perhaps it is time to have it replaced.

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