Semi Framless shower screen

Love the modern look? You will love semi-frameless shower screens!

Semi-Frameless Shower screen

The bathroom is perhaps the most frequented room in the house. At Jim’s Glass, we have seen a lot of time and effort going into the design of residential Perth bathrooms. Whether you are undergoing a comprehensive renovation or a bathroom upgrade, a semi-frameless shower screen in Perth provides a timeless look, which will keep your bathroom and shower space looking the part for years to come!

At Jim’s Glass, we know that combining cost, and durability is a balancing act when purchasing components of a new bathroom. As glass specialists, we have installed shower screens in a number of different formats, and have come to see the incredible benefits of a semi-frameless shower screen.


One of the core reasons the residents of Perth select semi-frameless shower screens is the lower cost compared to frameless shower screens. A semi-frameless shower screen in Perth has a small frame around the outside, while a frameless option doesn’t. With this added support, it is possible for the glass to be thinner and therefore cheaper.

Thinner glass obviously doesn’t have the durability of the thicker alternatives, hence why the cost is lower. However, a semi-frameless shower screen installed by Jim’s Glass in Perth will still have traits of durability. If the cost of a frameless shower screen is prohibitive, we recommend exploring the semi-frameless option to match your design vision.

Contemporary design

When designing a bathroom, selecting a colour scheme, layout and most importantly, materials that will last, is a careful process. Nothing says ‘timeless’ like frameless shower screens. The minimalist look and the open feel of simple shower screens match most designs, and is also a composition that has stood the test of time!

The frame not only provides stability and structure to the semi-frameless shower screen but also gives a sense of structure. A pivot is required with this variant, which means that there is some design restriction. However, it gives your bathroom a sense of structure and order.


While the cost-effective option is definitely appealing for some, sometimes other options may be better for your particular property. The team at Jim’s Glass can provide you with a quote for semi-frameless shower screens in Perth, but can also offer advice about the logistics of other shower screens. Completely frameless shower screens are an incredibly popular option in 2018 for new bathroom designs due to their functionality, durability and cohesive look!

At Jim’s Glass, we have provided quotes to dozens of Perth homes for semi-frameless shower screens. If a strict budget has you reaching for this option, our team can help you achieve your goal. To organise a measure and quote, call Jim’s Glass today.