Shower screen Adelaide

Looking for the Ultimate Bathroom Shower?

You Can’t Beat a Frameless Shower Screen!

Your shower area is one of the most used (and essential) areas of any Adelaide household. When redesigning your bathroom, or choosing to revamp your existing shower, you want a shower screen that ticks all of the boxes.

At Jim’s Glass, we believe that the revolutionary frameless shower screens are the perfect way to complement your bathroom. This material is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to its functionality, low maintenance capabilities, and timeless style. If you are looking to turn your shower into something special, you can’t beat the style and sophistication of a frameless shower screen.


Despite its distinct lack of frame, a frameless shower screen is incredibly durable. People often ask our glaziers whether a lack of framework compromises the integrity of the glass material. Our frameless shower screens come in toughened glass at 6mm thick. The purpose if this design is to ensure that they can withstand the regular requirements of a functioning household bathroom – even without a frame.

You needn’t stress about frameless shower screens especially if it is complemented by professional installation. You will see the same durable qualities as a famed variation.

Classy and sleek

Bathrooms are always on display. Guests, prospective homebuyers and anyone who might find themselves inside your home, will be exposed to your bathroom. The design of a frameless shower screen is in line with current bathroom trends around the world. This variation is classy and sleek, and not to mention, creates the illusion of continuous space within a home.

If you are considering style for your bathroom, you are going to find it difficult to go past the frameless shower screen!

Professional Installation

While a product may be attractive, cost-effective and durable, it is pretty much worthless if not installed with care, precision and diligence. At Jim’s Glass, we know what considerations need to be made to ensure that a frameless shower screen works effectively for the foreseeable future. Depending on the specifics of your application, there will be particular considerations that you will need to make during the installation of your frameless shower screen.

Our team of glaziers at Jim’s Glass will ensure that your revitalised shower is functional when it comes to water spread. To give your new shower the best chance to endure constant use and consistent moisture, ensure that our team at Jim’s Glass handle the installation.

If you want your bathroom to be up to date with the modern trends, as well as function as a shower should, you should consider a frameless shower screen during the design phases. At Jim’s Glass, we can help you bring your bathroom to life with all of your glass and mirror needs! Call today to ask about products.