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Live In Perth? How To Customize Your Pet Door To Suit Your Home’s Interior

Custom Pet Doors

When it comes to additions to your Perth property, it’s only natural that you want something that is going to blend in with the interior and exterior of your home. So why should it be any different when it comes to pet doors? That’s right; it shouldn’t. And with Jim’s Glass, it doesn’t have to.

At Jim’s Glass, we have been supplying the residents of Perth with pet doors that are specially designed to fit into glass doors. Whether you have a glass sliding door, laundry window or any other low-level glass panel around the home, you can count on our professional and well-experienced team to help you create a perfectly integrated pet door that will provide you with full confidence without ever compromising on the look and feel of your home.

Keep reading to discover how Jim’s Glass do pet doors differently:

How Does Jim’s Glass Keep It Looking Good?

Our pet door systems are made up of a finish that all others on the pet door market lack. With most of the pet doors on the market, you have to compromise on not only the look of your pet door but also on the security of your home. At Jim’s glass, we don’t believe in compromise, which is why we have created a specially designed pet door system that fits in with not only the look of glass doors around your home, but it will also never compromise on your home’s safety!

We craft each of our pet doors from a high-grade commercial acrylic and double-sided mounting system, which makes these pet doors sturdy, durable and blend in seamlessly with your Perth homes existing surrounding architecture.

Attention To Detail, Unlike Any Other!

Any other glazier who says he can just put a hole in your existing glass panel and fit your pet door inside is not only not doing his job correctly but is also compromising on yours and your pet’s safety.

Your Perth home’s existing glass panel will either be float glass or laminated safety glass. Neither of these glass types is suited to the demand of having a hole cut and pet-door-fitted. At Jim’s Glass, we know the only glass that can stand up to cutting is a toughened A-Grade safety glass; others will crack and break.

We will replace your entire glass panel with the toughened A-Grade Australian compliant safety glass because it will last you and your pets for many years to come. We are so confident that our safety glass and pet door solutions will endure, so we back it by the Jim’s Glass Lifetime Guarantee!

If you’re looking for an excellent pet door solution for your Perth property, look no further than Jim’s Glass, your glass pet door professionals. Call to book your free, no-obligation measure and quote from one of our qualified glaziers!