What is Kid-Safe Glass?

261 What is Kid-Safe Glass?Kids and glass do not mix; let us always keep that in mind. Broken glass can pose a hazardous situation in the home. With this in mind, the Australian safety standards had been introduced in 1989 to make sure that homes are 100% safe for families. It is said that 1,500 Australians suffer from glass-related injuries yearly. Perhaps, the real question that most homeowners have would be, “Is there a glass that is safe for children?”

Sheet glass, float glass, plate glass, and figured rolled glass – all annealed glass. However, when this gets broken, regardless of thickness, it would end up into sharp, jagged pieces that are definitely not safe for children. Another type of glass would be tempered glass. This is a type of glass made of annealed that had gone through a thermal tempering process and shatters with small, square fragments.

Laminated glass is made of two or more glass layers with interlayers of material that are polymeric which is bonded between the layers of glass. There are certain glass areas in the home that is highly recommended to be kid-safe. According to glazing experts, ensuring kid-safe glass areas in the home entail the following:

  • Make sure that safety glass had been installed in the home if there are children, especially in places where there is an impact risk.
  • Floor to ceiling areas where there is high traffic within the home should be installed with high efficiency and grading of safety glass. In most states, it is compulsory to install safety glass in side panels, as well as new doors.
  • Shower screens should be compliant with Australian standards and made of wired or toughened glass.

Safety glass is the simplest way of preventing accidents in the home. There are two types: toughened and laminated safety glass. Whichever one you choose, they should be covered with glass standards for installation and safety, and detailing test requirements.

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