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Is Your Shower Screen Made From Safety Glass?

Your Guide To A Shower Screen Replacement

When we’ve been living in the same home for some years, or we’ve just moved into a new residence it can be easy to overlook the condition of your shower screens. According to Australian building regulations, all homes must have a shower screen that uses safety glass. It is to prevent injury if a crack or shattering should occur.

Here at Jim’s Glass, we understand the importance of ensuring your shower screen is compliant, which is why we offer our clients complimentary inspection services for your home or business. We will provide you with a comprehensive written report stating the condition of your shower screen glass, and organise a safety glass upgrade to ensure you and your family’s safety in the future.

Keep reading about the importance of safety glass and your shower screen:

What Is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is a specialised manufactured glass with additional safety features that make it more durable and less likely to break. However, in the rare event that it was to break or shatter, safety glass is designed to pose as less of a threat.

Two types of safety glass are available on the market – toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass.

Toughened safety glass is created by heat treating the glass to increase its strength. Resulting in a glass panel that is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. If it breaks, our toughened glass will crumble into small granular-like chunks that are less likely to cause pain and injury if stepped on, instead of sharp jagged shards.

Laminated glass has a laminate interlayer between two or more layers of glass. If the glass breaks, the glass remains attached to this laminate interlayer, rather than shattering all over the floor. Laminated safety glass is best in environments where there may be the possibility of human contact, such as in the shower.

Is Your Home At Risk?

Many of the older Adelaide homes and businesses have shower screens and windows that do not comply with the current Australian standards, putting everyone living in the property at risk. At Jim’s Glass, our professional glazier team will gladly inspect your property to ensure that your home or business is compliant.

If your home’s glass is not compliant, we will structure a repair approach that will see your old glass replaced with safety glass – promptly and to the highest quality. Once your glass upgrades are complete, Jim’s Glass has the authorisation to provide for you a certificate of compliance stating that your home’s glass is safety glass that is in line with the Australian Building Standards.

Who Do I Call?

When the time comes to replace your shower screens and windows, call Jim’s Glass! Our professional glaziers will ensure that your home is fitted with Australian compliant safety glass, ensuring the safety of you and your family!

Call Jim’s Glass today to find out more!