Is your rental property a liability trap?

A well unknown fact that many property managers and landlords are unaware of, is their liability when it comes to glass in their investment properties. Many older homes were glazed in float glass, even in doors and full length windows. This selection and use of glass in a home is no longer compliant with Australian Standards, which specifies that safety glass must be used in doors, full length windows and glass next to doors.  There is documented litigation where a landlord and agent were successfully sued by a tenant who tripped and fell through a float glass door and was seriously injured. The court ruled that the landlord was obligated to provide a safe environment, in accordance with Australian Standards, and ruled that before making the property available for rent needed to ensure that the property was safe, which included the glass.

Is the glass in your rental property to current Australian Standards? Don’t risk losing your valuable investment through a law suit when one phone call to have the glass in your property inspected and certified  will prevent this happening… and someone getting badly injured.