Glass Repair

Is Your Adelaide Shopfront Window Broken?

Get it Fixed Fast with Jim’s Glass

The stark reality to any owner of a commercial shopfront in Adelaide is that there is always a chance that you are compromising on the security and safety of your premises. Whether this is the result of an unfortunate car accident, a break in, or extreme weather conditions, your priority should always be to fix the damage as soon as possible.

At Jim’s Glass, our team of professional glaziers have helped dozens of businesses restore integrity with a glass replacement. If you have recently become aware that you have a broken shopfront window, don’t stress out, give Jim’s Glass a call!


One of the primary reasons for seeking professional help as soon as possible is to ensure the safety of your business. If you have been procrastinating on the repair of a broken window, you will find that any unwanted visitors will have a much easier time venturing into the property and doing as they please. It can lead to theft, more damage or safety concerns for those who are inside.

If your window is broken, our team of glaziers can provide you with an emergency repair that will restore the overall cohesion to your business before it’s too late.


It is no secret that broken glass can be incredibly unsafe; not just for the security mentioned above reasons, but also due to possible consequential structural issues that may arise. At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in bringing safe installation or repair of glass to ensure that your business remains safe for the future.

It is essential that cracked glass isn’t left too long as it is unpredictable and unstable. At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in making quick decisions about the best course of action and undertake the replacement or repair service with safety as a number one priority.


If you find yourself in this sticky situation, Jim’s Glass absolutely must be your first stop due to our revolutionary emergency repair service. Our team can help you 24/7. We have a mobilised team working in the greater Adelaide area at all times, so if your break or fracture happens during the early hours of the morning, we have the capabilities to help you with a permanent or temporary solution. Our qualified team will do everything they can to restore your business to a safe and functional area. No matter the circumstances of the issue, you can call Jim’s Glass at any time.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having your shopfront window broken, call Jim’s Glass to ensure that the professionals take a safe course of action. Wherever you are in Adelaide, or what time it is, we want to help! Call Jim’s Glass today for emergency repair and replacement of commercial glass.