Pet door

Is A Pet Door Really Worth It?

Thinking About Installing A Pet Door?

Nothing screams convenience like a high-quality glass pet door. A well-trained pet can get in and out with ease, saving you time and allowing safety for the animal! At Jim’s Glass, we provide a service like no other. By supplying and installing a range of pet doors of all different shapes and sizes, you can rest assured knowing your pet will have the best experience possible.

If you are wondering whether a high-quality pet door is worth the price, our team at Jim’s Glass is here to tell you all the benefits of this simple addition!


If you have a dog that spends the majority of its time inside, you will have the annoying repetitious task of opening the door for them when it is time to go to the bathroom. Getting up and down (even in the middle of the night) can be a frustrating task, especially if your pet is looking to explore. A high-quality glass pet door will allow the animal to leave and return on their own, meaning you can save yourself some time!


If your pet spends a portion of the day alone (when you are out), a dog door can help facilitate the protection of the animal. The concern is with harsh weather conditions, which can put your dog’s health in danger when they are outside for a prolonged period. The possibility of burglary and theft, though we dont want to happen, is certainly something to ensure to keep our loved ones safe and protected – our cherished pets included!

A high-quality glass pet door will allow your pet to come and go as you please, without compromising the security of your home. The small access point is designed as you need it!


Like any investment you make in the future of your home, you want it to last. At Jim’s Glass, we supply the very best glass-products to Adelaide homeowners, and our pet doors are no exception. These products are of the highest quality glass, which means they will last for a long time.


Compared to the vast majority of home alterations, the installation of a glass pet door is a fast and effective one. If you are wondering whether a pet door is worth it, you should consider how little the installation will inconvenience you and affect your home as a whole. Many people have pets, and a door for them to enter and leave the house is often incredibly sought after.

If you think it is time that your dog or cat had some independence, and you want to save yourself some hassle and ensure the safety of your pet, then a glass pet door is perfect for you! To organise a consultation and quote, call Jim’s Glass today!