Interesting Glass Facts

Glass is infinite.

Glass does not lose its quality even with indefinite recycling processes. This is what is really amazing about glass and perhaps the same reason why despite its connotation of being a delicate material, it is still one of the most in demand construction raw materials in various homes and offices of the modern world.

Glass is environment-friendly.

Using recycled glass helps clean out our air by 20%. With reports of global warming and many environmental movements all over Australia and the whole world, this good news can make us feel better when using glass doors, glass panels and other glass fixtures than those made from other materials. Also, glass has illuminating properties, thus, it can reduce energy costs of about 40-50% in households and even in large scale industries.

Tempered glass never cracks.

Tempered Glass is also known as safety glass because it is 4-5 times stronger than other glass types. This is because of the processes that tempered glass has undergone, a series of extreme heating and rapid cooling procedures. During an extreme blow, instead of developing cracks and breaking into sharp pieces, the glass shatters into small, oval shaped granules that are rendered safe even with human contact.

Glass has random molecular structure.

The urban myth that glass is liquid may have come from the similarity of the molecular structure of glass to that of liquids. The random molecular structure of glass makes light find its way to pass through it.

This is another characteristic of glass that makes it a good choice for office buildings and other architectural structures. The ability of glass to illuminate spaces due to its random molecular structure can be beneficial to humans.

Glass has been around even before man discovered its use.

Glass has been traced to volcanic eruptions where researchers found natural glass particles where sand and rocks have been formerly found.

These interesting facts related to glass match the very distinctive characteristics of glass that make it useful for our everyday lives. After learning about the useful qualities of glass, it may be time to take a look around your home or office and schedule that much needed glass upgrade or replacement. In the end, it will be for your benefit.

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