Why Install Energy-Efficient Glass

Considering the ever increasing energy costs, making homes energy-efficient should be everyone’s top priority. Installing energy-efficient glass windows is one important step towards achieving that goal. If you’re planning to upgrade your windows, here are several reasons why using this type of glass are indeed a great idea:

  • Get savings on energy bills. Energy-efficient glass can help reduce heat/cold transfer into and out of the house. This lowers the amount of energy needed to cool or heat your home. As a result, you are able to reduce your HVAC bills significantly.
  • Lower levels of condensation. Low emissivity or low-e glass has a thin layer of metal that protects it against condensation. During cold months, condensation can lead to frost build-up on windows. Without the low-e advantage, the collected frost on the windows can make your room feel colder. This will require your heating system to work overtime. Installing clear low-e glass can help you maximise your home’s warmth even when it’s cold outside.
  • Better lighting and views. Many homeowners tend to choose tinted windows to reduce the heat that comes into their room during the day. Tinting, however, can get in the way of natural light, not to mention obstruct your view. With energy-efficient glass, you won’t need to tint your windows for them to serve their energy-saving purpose.
  • Eliminate damage to furniture. Apart from damaging chairs, sofa, and wooden furniture pieces, the harmful rays of the sun can cause artwork, carpet, and fabric to fade. Energy-efficient glass can help reduce ultraviolet ray damage to home interiors by up to 75%.
  • Increase the value of your home. Energy-efficient glass can add to your home’s market value and desirability once you decide to sell it. This is especially true as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of energy efficiency.

Installing energy-efficient glass windows is one of the best home improvement projects that you can do. By replacing your older, inefficient windows, your home will be able to keep the desired temperature for a longer period of time. Energy-efficient glass will not only help reduce your energy costs, it will also keep you and your family warm and comfortable, even as temperatures drop.