Emergency Glass Repair

In Need Of Emergency Glass Repair? Jim’s Glass Can Help You!

Fast And Efficient Glass Repairs

When it comes to glass in your home cracking, whether it be a shower screen, window or door, it can be a frightening experience. Thinking about shattered glass and the dangers it presents is undoubtedly an unsettling thought. So, if a glass shower screen, window or door in your home has accidentally broken, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible for safety reasons.

Here at Jim’s Glass, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an emergency glass repair service unlike any other! Our professional glazier team have worked with hundreds of Adelaide residents and around the clock, to ensure that broken glass never presents itself as a danger to yourself or your family. To find out exactly how long it will take to get your glass emergency fixed, we have listed a few factors that you may need to consider.

Size of the Glass Emergency

The size of the broken glass in your home will play a significant role in the overall time that the repair process takes. Our team are experts at determining a course of action that best suits your emergency glass repair scenario. We come well-equipped with repair materials and tools to ensure that we can provide you with a solution right then and there. In the event that you require a custom-made replacement glass, our prompt manufacturing glass manufacturers and glazier team will ensure that your broken glass is fixed in no time!

No Matter the Time, We’ll Be There!

Whether you’re having a late night shower when your shower screen breaks or someone has broken your home’s window, with Jim’s Glass you’ll never have to wait until the morning.

Our emergency glass repair service is what makes us different, meaning that we can provide you with the service and support you need 24/7! We consistently have a mobilised team equipped to handle all types of glass repairs, so you can rest assured knowing that as soon as possible, we will fix your glass.


The type of glass you need can impact the repair process of your glass emergency. If an entire glass panel needs replacing it is highly essential that you are using the right glass to complete the job. In the rare event that we are required to order a specialist piece of glass for you, we will ensure you are set up with a temporary solution to ensure your home’s safety.

Glass Emergency? Need Emergency Glass Repair?

In the event that you require an emergency glass repair service, look no further than the team at Jim’s Glass. With years of industry experience and a commitment to our customers, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands!

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