Improve your home’s energy efficiency with better performing glass

Low-E-glass Improve your home’s energy efficiency with better performing glass

Impacted by escalating energy rates?

If you’ve been impacted by escalating energy rates, you’re not alone. Energy usage rates have increased in some states causing consumers to rethink their energy usage. You may be surprised that your windows can have a part to play in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Windows add light and space

Windows add light and space to rooms, giving your home a feel-good vibe and a connection to the outdoors. However, most homes’ windows contain ordinary glass which is only 3 or 4mm in thickness. This type of glass lets in a lot more heat in summer and lets out the warmth in the winter.

Low E Glass provides thermal insulation

Ordinary glass provides the base requirement for your windows (provided it is fit for purpose and installed to standard). The next level up from ordinary glass is a Low Emissivity coated (Low E) option. This glass has a thin metallic coating that in winter reduces heat leaving your home – keeping you warm and cosy for longer. In summer it reduces heat coming in, so your home stays cooler and comfortable for longer.

Low-E glass allows light to enter while also providing thermal insulation.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

The good news is, you can explore replacing your current window glass with a Low E coated option to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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