Importance of Perfect Measurements

Precision is very important in installing doors, windows and other home fixtures. It is all the more important in installing glass doors, glass windows, glass partitions and other glass panels.

Here are some tips when measuring glass pieces before ordering:

  • If you have an existing glass door, glass window, glass table top that needs replacing, the best option is to measure exactly the glass part that needs to be replaced. This is not appropriate when the glass door or window is broken since this can result to injuries or inaccurate measurement.
  • When obtaining glass kitchen cabinet measurements, the best way is to search for the receipts or warranty cards that you were issued when you bought the cabinet, most probably the dimensions were indicated in there. If you cannot find the receipt, then you have to measure manually starting with the width first then height. It may be difficult to measure the thickness so you can just ask your supplier to provide you with available or appropriate options.
  • Depending on where you are, it is best to measure using metric system or ask your supplier for the specific unit of measure they are using. Converting from one unit to another may also be the cause of inconsistencies in measurements.
  • For some glass panels and fixtures, the measurement that you need to obtain may not exactly be as easy to get, this is because you need to take into consideration allowances that needs to be added for attachment purposes like screw latches, hinge options, gluing options. In some rare instances, cutting off the portion may not be possible or too risky to be done and as such a new order needs to be placed.
  • For sliding door measurements, they normally come in standard measurements from 5ft to 16ft.  Some doors would also require rounding off values to the nearest whole numbers, but this is very tricky.

The best option is to book an appointment from your professional glass installers before placing your order. This is to ensure all aspects of glass measurement are taken into consideration and you will have the best glass options for your home.

The good news is: Jim’s Glass provides complimentary measure & quotes. Call 131 546 to book an appointment to explore how the right glass selection can improve the value, safety & security of your home.