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I Have a Crack in My Shower Screen, What Now?

Shower Screen Repairs

Have a crack in your shower screen that seemed to have appeared from nowhere? Don’t panic! At Jim’s Glass, we often receive phone calls from distressed Perth homeowners about cracks in their shower screens. Due to this occurrence, we have designed a service aimed at helping you get back on track with minimal stress.

Once you are in this situation, there are a few things you need to know that will ease the burden of this circumstance. Our experienced team is an excellent guide through this process and will take into account the specifics of your situation to ensure that you what you need a glass repair or replacement of your glass shower screen. For shower screen glass repairs and replacement, look no further than Jim’s Glass.

24/7 Service

Any day of the year, or what time of the day, we can provide an emergency replacement to the greater Perth area. Understanding how stressful it can be to see cracks in your glass, we have ensured that a mobile van and glass specialist are ready at all times to come to your property and determine the best course of action. The first thing for you to do is stay away from the area. Glass is unpredictable, and a small crack can cause the glass to shatter in a matter of moments. From there, call Jim’s Glass to handle the rest.

Consider the options

From experience, many of our clients have turned a broken shower screen into the opportunity to switch up the entire design composition of their bathroom. With expert in-home advice, we can provide you with product lists and suggestions regarding other shower screens that may work with your bathroom type. With framed, semi-frameless and fully frameless variations on the market, you have access to reliable and stylish products on the market. Every situation is different, and the course of action will depend on the severity of your break and the design of the current shower screen.

Let Us Help

Our team of accredited glass specialists know all of the characteristic variations of the process. Considering your property as a unique situation, they can provide you with expert advice as well as other necessary glass-related services. Once a crack is visible, all you need to do is call Jim’s Glass day or night, and we can handle the rest.

With the capability available shower screen glass replacement at any time and a range of trendy and durable products available to the majority of building-types, we should be your number one stop for glass-related needs. For emergency glass repair, call Jim’s Glass today.