repainted kitchen cupboards

How to Update your Kitchen on a Budget

If your kitchen is structurally sound but looks outdated and you want to give it a refresh, we have a few ideas for you. This will give your home a new lease of life and also increase its value, should you wish to sell.

 Top 4 tips to revamp your kitchen

  1. Use paint in extraordinary ways

A fresh coat of paint on your kitchen walls will give you a bright new look in an instant. But have you considered painting something other than the walls? Painting your kitchen cupboards, shelves or furniture really allow you to make a statement. You can opt for a bright colour and choose one item to stand out or you can select a combination of neutral tones to create a whole different ambience. The options you have are endless and only limited to your imagination. It’s also a relatively cheap way to update your kitchen, depending on what you decide to paint!

repainted-kitchen-cupboards How to Update your Kitchen on a Budget

Repainted Kitchen Cupboards and Doors

  1. Create a splashback masterpiece

Kitchen splashbacks have shifted from being purely practical to being an essential part of, if not the focal point of your kitchen. What you choose will set the tone and style of your kitchen. Glass is a great option for your kitchen splashback. It’s available in different colours, patterns and can even be printed on. Using glass for your kitchen splashback will also create a brighter kitchen as light is reflected. This also has the added benefit of making your kitchen space feel larger than it is. It is also exceptionally easy to clean as there is no grout.

Pick the perfect splashback for your kitchen

If you need help picking the perfect splashback for your kitchen you can find out more about it here. [Links to: How to pick the perfect splashback for your kitchen]

kitchen-splashback How to Update your Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen glass splashback

  1. Modernise your bench top

Your kitchen bench top needs to reflect your style, be beautiful, practical, tough, easy to clean and preferably not stain. The perfect benchtop material that captures all these qualities for your kitchen is a glass bench top. Glass is a unique material that is versatile in style. As we discussed above, it is available in different colours, patterns and can even be printed on. This means you can create the ideal kitchen bench top, fused seamlessly with your glass splashback.

[Insert image of glass kitchen bench top]


  1. Replace taps to make a statement

The ideal tap for your kitchen will look good, be functional and efficient and be easy to use. There are endless options when it comes to tapware finishes. This includes polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, copper or bare brass. It’s important that you choose one that works with your appliances, cupboards and benchtop as this will create a consistent look. While the look is important, so too is the functionality. For instance, can the spout accommodate your large pots and pans with ease.  Ergonomics is another factor that is often overlooked. If you have children, elderly family members or people with mobility issues then you need to consider how easy the tap will be to use. Taps with lever handles are often the best option as they can be used with relative ease.

Is it time for your kitchen to be given a fresh new look? Tell us what you want to do.