Emergency Glass Repair

How To Protect Yourself In A Glass Emergency!

How To Stay Safe:

When glass breaks, the most important thing is to keep calm. If you panic you could walk over the broken glass or cause yourself and your family injuries.

Calling a reliable emergency glass repair service is vital. Your family’s safety and house security depend on it. At Jim’s Glass, we offer our emergency glass repair services 24 hours per day, every day, to be there for you, when you need us most.

Call Jim’s Emergency Glass Repair

At Jim’s Glass, we know that an emergency glass repair cannot wait. To reach you as soon as possible, we have our emergency glass repair vans on stand-by and always ready to go. They are fully equipped with safety A-grade glass of different specifications, tools for replacement and installation needs. Our vans are manned by licensed professionals in the glazing industry to provide you with a quick and reliable emergency glass repair.

A glass emergency might occur any time, day or night. That is why we also offer our emergency glass repair service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Your insurance policy may cover some or all of the glass repair cost. Jim’s Glass can also help you in submitting your claim faster, smoother and hassle-free. We are authorised to provide glazing services for all the major insurance companies.

Until our emergency glass repair team reaches your house, here are a few steps you can take to keep your family safe.

Secure the Affected Area

To block the affected area, ask everyone to leave the room and close the door behind you carefully. If it were an open area, take the children and pets to another place and close it. Make sure to warn everybody at home that there is broken glass, so they stay away from it.

Put on Closed Shoes and Thick Gloves

If you will return to the affected area, protect yourself first. Broken glass can spread over a large amount of space. So wear sturdy shoes and put on heavy-duty gloves, before you start cleaning.

Clean Up the Glass

Very carefully start picking up the larger pieces of glass. If there is still any glass left in the frame, it is advisable to leave it there. With the slightest movement, it could fall and cause you serious injuries. You could carefully put a towel over it for the emergency glass repair professionals to take care of.

Before throwing the pieces of broken glass in the garbage bag, wrap them in a thick layer of newspaper. This way they will not rip the garbage bag or injure you or the people who pick up the trash.   

Now, for cleaning the smaller pieces, you can try folding a paper towel, dampen it and pat it into the shards. Another way is to press a wide duct tape into the shards to pick them up. Finally, vacuum the area and its surroundings thoroughly, several times if you can.

A glass emergency cannot wait, make sure to call Jim’s Glass; they will take care of your emergency glass repair!