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How To Make the Most of Your Small Adelaide Bathroom

Bathroom Design Tips

One of the trickiest rooms of the house to design is the bathroom. It has to feel spacious and relaxing, yet also be practical and able to fit everything you need without getting cluttered. Trying to squeeze in everything you need in your small Adelaide bathroom is an even more significant challenge. Here are a few tips to make bathroom necessities like shower screens and mirrors enhance the overall look of your bathroom, instead of taking up all the space.

Frameless / Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Showers are at the heart of most Adelaide bathrooms. The design of your shower screen is one of the very critical aspects that could add to the space of your small bathroom. Frameless or semi-frameless shower screens will give the illusion of a bigger space. Their open and transparent appearance takes up very little visual space, as the light flows naturally through them.

At Jim’s Glass, we provide you with a wide range of custom-designed, expertly-fitted and visually appealing shower screen solutions that will bring out the best of your small Adelaide bathroom. Our minimalistic, sleek shower screen designs will give your bathroom an overall clean feel. The semi-frameless shower screens have more glass and less aluminium, which adds more sophistication to your house.

Sliding Shower Doors

Shower screens can be made with pivot, hinged or sliding doors. Using a pivot door for your shower screen is not a practical solution in a small bathroom. Instead, going for sliding shower screens is a better choice, as they do not require extra space to open.

Here at Jim’s Glass, have a wide range of sliding door shower systems for framed, semi or fully frameless shower screens. All of our designs deliver solid strength and maximum flexibility.


They are not just necessary accessories for every bathroom. Mirrors are essential for your small bathroom because they create an impression of more space and light, and they also reflect colours. To project the illusion of a larger space, expand the mirror across the wall instead of just the vanity. It will also enable more than one person to use the mirror at the same time.

Jim’s Glass offers you an extensive range of custom-made mirror options to fit your Adelaide bathroom perfectly, no matter how big or small it is. We can also make mirrors in almost any shape you desire to make your bathroom look brighter, more spacious and elegant.

No two bathrooms are the same. That is why it is essential to get mirrors and shower screens that are custom-made to fit your Adelaide bathroom’s size and needs. At Jim’s Glass, we will work closely with you to ensure that your shower screens and mirrors meet your requirements and budget. Whatever size your bathroom is, we will provide you with the perfect balance between looks and practicality. Call Jim’s Glass today and turn your small bathroom into a relaxing little oasis!