How to Know Which Shower Screen Is the Best for Your Bathroom!

Choosing The Right Shower Screen

One of the first things you notice when you enter any bathroom is the shower screen. It significantly affects the appearance of the bathroom. Shower screens come in different forms and designs. So how can you choose which shower screen will best suit your Adelaide bathroom?

Fully-Framed Shower Screen

A fully-framed shower screen is a popular choice for families with children, as it is durable and strong. It provides a more modern look than the usual shower curtain. It is also an upgrade from an old worn-out shower screen. However, it is not as appealing as a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen.

Not the best choice, if you have a small bathroom. The full frame gives the appearance of a smaller space. It is the ideal choice for budget-conscious homeowners who are willing to compromise on the appearance, but not on the quality.

At Jim’s Glass, all of our framed shower screens come in a wide range of colours and glass finishes, giving you the option of customising your shower screen to perfectly match your Adelaide bathroom’s aesthetic.

Semi-Framed Shower Screen

Just like a fully-framed shower screen, it provides strength. However, it comes with a more subtle frame and a more sophisticated design. You can look at it, as a step closer to a frameless shower screen, but for the budget-conscious.

An excellent choice for you, if you are looking for a durable, but more stylish shower screen solution. It provides the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and sophistication.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

A shower screen solution with more glass and less aluminium, making it more visually appealing. With the glass reflecting the light and giving the illusion of a larger space, the semi-frameless shower screen is perfect for small bathrooms.

At Jim’s Glass, we carefully integrate the frames in the design to support the glass in critical points, reducing the need for more expensive glass. This minimalistic design adds more style and sophistication to your Adelaide bathroom.

Fully-Frameless Shower Screen

It is the ultimate choice in shower screens when it comes to style and appearance. With a minimalistic modern design and no frames, a frameless shower screen is the best choice for small bathrooms.

To give your compact space an even bigger appearance, you should go for a frameless shower screen with clear glass. Unlike frosted or tinted glass, clear glass allows the light to pass through, making your small Adelaide bathroom appear more substantial.

Fully-frameless shower screen systems are our field of expertise, at Jim’s Glass. We can design a frameless shower screen solution to enhance your Adelaide bathroom and add a high-end, sophisticated look to it.

Installing a shower screen needs a significant number of skills and experience. If it is not manufactured and fitted correctly to your bathroom, it will become costly and more dangerous in the long run. To help you choose the best shower screen, customise it to fit your Adelaide bathroom perfectly, and install it correctly, call Jim’s Glass today!