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How To Ensure You Get A Customized Pet Door To Suit Your Needs

Customized Pet Doors

Just like us, our pets come in a range of shapes and sizes and so when it comes to requiring a new dog door for your beloved furry friend you need a door that isn’t just ‘one size fits all’.

At Jim’s Glass, we understand the need for a range of differently sized dog doors, which is why our premium range of dog doors come in two different sizes. The smaller of the two dog doors are best suited to smaller dogs, while the bigger door caters towards medium to large pets.

If you’re looking to install a new dog door on your Perth property, look no further than the Jim’s Glass team! Keep reading to see exactly how our dog doors are different to all the others out there:

Built To Australian Compliance

All of our dog doors are crafted to be within full compliance of Australian standards and can only be installed into an A-Grade toughened glass to ensure that your new dog door will never compromise the condition of your glass or your safety. We will cut your dog door before reinforcing it so that the result can withstand your pet as well as the Australian weather conditions.

Our full integration system means that the security of your home is never compromised, unlike other dog door systems on the market that work as an insert panel and a natural point of entry for intruders.

Upgrade To Electric

If you’re looking for added security and convenience, we can easily upgrade your dog door to an electronic system. It is done by directly attaching the electric system to the underside of the dog door and sense when your dog is approaching through the unique collars that the pets wear around their neck.

Ready and Installed All Within 7 Days

At Jim’s Glass, we know the importance of a prompt and diligent service, which is why we are committed to delivering you your new dog door within seven business days from the placement of your order.

One of our fully qualified and professional glaziers will measure your home’s window or door to help you create the perfect pet door solution.

From here your new glass panel will be cut to size and prepared for the installation of your new dog door. We will then treat your glass panel to toughen it and ensure that it is strong enough to support your pet door through everyday wear and tear.

Once this process is complete, we will organise a time to come back to your home and complete a comprehensive installation process, as well as remove and dispose of your old glass panel resulting in a no bother, no fuss dog door solution!

If you’re looking for a premium dog door for your Perth property, look no further than the team at Jim’s Glass! Our professional team will create a tailored solution to suit your home, all within seven days! Call today!