How to create a private oasis

If you’ve built or are building a new home, chances are the block size is smaller than it was 20 years ago. This creates issues with privacy that previous generations didn’t have to contend with. Quite often you won’t discover this until you move in. It will be quite a surprise when you open your curtains or blinds and are looking directly into your neighbours living space or kitchen and they into yours. It’s a major invasion of privacy that neither of you can help.

Of course, you could keep your blinds or curtains shut all day but then your beautiful new home will be forever in the dark. A better option would be to replace the clear glass for a privacy glass. There are several choices available.

Old school pattern

Pattern glass has a textural element to it, which diffuses the natural light entering your space whilst obscuring visibility. You’ve probably seen this type of glass used in bathrooms of older homes. See more patterned glass

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Modern obscurity

Translucent or acid etched glass has a stylish frosted appearance that is designed to keep you connected with the outside world and independent from it. It lets in the light whilst keeping what’s inside private.

Switching the future

Switchable glass goes one step further and can change its appearance from translucent to clear, at the flick of a switch, giving you privacy or clear views on demand.

Obscuring visibility into your home will allow you to relax and give you peace of mind that you’re not always on show to your neighbours.

Drowning out the neighbours

Another consideration for privacy is noise. Can you hear your neighbours from inside your home? Can they hear you? Again, this is something you’re not likely to learn until you’re living in your new home.

The good news is there are a couple of options to improve the privacy of your home through acoustic performance. The first is to look at eliminating any draughts from under your doors or window frames, which carry noise. You can do this easy enough using the appropriate seals you can buy from hardware stores.

Acoustic Glass

The second option is to replace your ordinary glass with an acoustic glass, which will drown out the noise around you. You can pretend you live on acres with neighbour’s miles away instead of just a few metres over the fence.

Creating a private oasis ensures that your home is a place to escape and unwind from the daily stresses of life and connect with loved ones. It’s where you rest, relax, rejuvenate and play.

How do your neighbours impact on your life? If you could change one thing about your home to make it more private what would that be?
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