How to Clean Windows and Glass

There are many types of glass and plenty of ways to clean them. But knowing how to clean windows, mirrors, coffee tables and other type of glass around your home, the right way, can get them all to be streak free. With the right tools, and the right products in the right way, glass can sparkle.

Tools – Have the right stuff in your glass cleaning bucket

A squeegee makes polishing each window section an effortless task and helps reduce the amount of streaks and lint residue. For tall windows, one with a long handle is best, which can still be used in cleaning shower walls as well. An absorbent-enough old t-shirt gets a window polished clean. A microfiber cloth or terry cloth towel can be good materials, in polishing your glass surfaces, too.  Paper towels are a no-no! They’re sure to leave streaks. Cotton swabs can be most useful for removing residue buildup in corners and the hard to reach areas of your glass windows.

Some Helpful Tips

First and the most basic: If you’re diluting your cleaner, do so with something clean; try distilled water. This doesn’t have all the minerals like tap water does. And because with glass, you see absolutely everything, water content makes a difference. Your ordinary cleaner diluted with distilled water won’t leave behind any streaky deposits on your bathroom mirror. Soap suds leave your glass full of streaks. Too much soap, results in a very dense cleaner that can leave a streaky residue on glass surfaces.

Tips to Do Window Cleaning the Right way

A cloudy, mild temperature day for washing windows is most beneficial to get that brilliant streak-free shine. Too much sun can prematurely dry the window, residue and streaks become big problems.

From the top, work your way down, doing so by sections top to bottom cleaning avoids drips on surfaces that have been cleaned perfectly. Be ready with plenty of towels or cloth rags on the floor.

To get rid of all debris and accumulated dust or cobwebs, first, use hot, soapy water to wash them all down, including tracks and the sides. After a thorough rinse, dry shine very quickly. Buffing with good cloth material is the final touch. The trick is doing all cleaning work as quickly as you can.  So, be sure to keep supplies ready and on hand.

No matter how regularly you keep your glass doors, glass windows and glass tops clean and shiny, there will come a time when you need to replace them due to security, scratches, safety, energy efficiency or simply for aesthetic reasons. Make sure you have the right professional team to help you out during this scenario.


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