Residential Window Replacement

How to Care for Your Glass Windows

Does Your Glass Need Some TLC?

If you’ve got a brand-new set of glass windows and you want to keep them sparkling longer or if you’ve got slightly older units and want to breathe some new life into them, proper cleaning and care are essential. As a rule, you should take your glass maintenance as seriously as your car care with regular cleaning and careful attention when things go awry. If you do, you’ll enjoy lovely sparkling beautiful transparent windows, and you’ll be able to see the onlookers seething with jealousy. If you neglect your windows, just like your car you’ll knock years off their longevity and end up requiring to replace them sooner than you’d like.

Clean Windows Often

Glass maintenance starts with proper cleaning. In Australia, our extreme weather conditions mean that our windows can take a battering. Regular cleaning not only affects their appearance but their functionality too. Moisture form rainfall evaporates in the sun and leaves residues and mineral deposits on your glass panes. Over time this residue can bind to the surface of the glass and cause corrosion which can leave your windows permanently stained. For best results, windows should be cleaned every 4-6 months in urban areas. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can hire a professional window-cleaner to get the job done but if you’d prefer to tackle it yourself then follow these tips:

  • Invest in a wiper blade and several micro-fibre cloths to give you a streak-free finish
  • Use only mild cleaning solutions such as a washing-up liquid.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products and tools such as steel wool as these can scratch your glass.
  • Remember to clean the tiny holes in the window frame that allow for drainage known as weep holes – a paintbrush is an excellent tool for this.

Repaint Frames Periodically

Glass maintenance is a top priority, but the glass is only a part of the whole window, so we can’t forget the frames. The paint on your window frames acts as a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions. When hail, rain and heat launch warfare against your frames, paint is the first line of defence. It’s good practice to repaint your window frames every 3-4 years or if you notice visible degradation sooner. When undertaking the re-painting of your window frames, make sure you avoid the cardinal sin of brushing over moving window parts, or you’ll be left with a semi-permanently sealed window!

Examine Windows Yearly

Taking stock of the health of your windows once a year is an integral part of proper glass maintenance. Damaged windows can detract from your home or office building’s energy efficiency and compromise its security. Any damaged hardware such as latches, or handles should be replaced. Inspect the rubber seal and note any wear and tear. Keep an eye out for deteriorating wooden frames including cracks and splinters and give them the attention they deserve. Any cracked or broken glass should be immediately replaced by a certified professional.

What to Do with Damaged Windows

If you’ve noticed damage or deterioration of your windows, you’ll need the assistance of a glazier that you can trust. Here at Jim’s glass, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of Australians just like you who were having trouble with their glass maintenance. If you’re questioning the health of your windows, give us a call to discuss how we can help and get a free estimate for your project.