Emergency Glass Replacement

How Much Does Emergency Glass Replacement Cost?

Emergency Glass Replacement

If you find yourself in a bind with a few broken windows, you may be in need of an emergency window replacement. At Jim’s Glass, we offer 24-hour, seven days a week emergency glass replacement. If you have experienced a break in one of your windows, you may be worried about the cost of emergency window replacement.

Our mobilised team can come to your property at any time to help you return the area to its safe state. There are a few things that affect the cost of this service; however, at Jim’s Glass, we believe that there is no price too steep for safety. If a crack has shown up on one of your Perth windows, consider the following three traits and how they may affect the end price of emergency window replacement.


Each break is different and depending on the type of glass and the condition; some are more severe than others. The complete shattering of large windows is more costly to replace than smaller alternatives. In the event of a break-in, or chaotic weather conditions, it is not uncommon for multiple windows to be broken. If this is the case, it may take more time and money to repair, nevertheless, the 24-hour service is still available!

No matter how small a crack may be, it always has the potential to expand to a more severe problem.

Type of Glass

If you have chosen to undertake an emergency window replacement, the cost of the repair will depend on the type of glass you decide to use. There are glazed and double glazed options, as well as more durable safety glass alternatives. All of these vary in price, and the size of the affected area will also influence the price. During an emergency call out, our glass specialists will determine the cost of replacement glass for your Perth property based on the glass type and size required.


Finally, the ease of installation will affect the time, and also the price. Depending on where the broken area is situated, it could require more difficult access points for installation. This may incur an increase in the price. However, it will depend on the nature of the emergency window replacement.

Our team take into account all of these factors when approaching your emergency window glass replacement, and can help you make a decision that you are comfortable with.

Determining exactly how much your emergency glass replacement will cost in Perth depends on a few factors. The best way to ensure that you are getting value for money and quality service is to contact Jim’s Glass as soon as the break occurs. For 24-hour emergency glass replacement in Perth, call Jim’s Glass today.