Glass Replacement

How Long Does Glass Replacement take?

Glass Replacement

While the transparency of glass provides homeowners with endless viewing options and ambient mood, the reality of this material is that it can break. When it does fracture, it can be quite dangerous. At Jim’s Glass, we offer emergency shower screen glass replacement in Perth. If you think a new crack in your shower screen could prove hazardous, we are here to help.

Depending on your situation, the timing and the urgency, we can come to your property and provide you with an emergency shower screen glass replacement to have you back in comfort and safety in no time.


With glass breaks or fractures, you are only one step away from the glass panel completely shattering. Whether a break-in or a fall has caused it, a small crack can become dangerous very quickly. No matter how bad the break is, it is vital to contact glass specialists as soon as a break occurs. At the earliest signs of damage, you should clear the area and contact the Perth glass experts – Jim’s Glass.

The best course of action will be determined based on the specifics of your situation. Focusing on efficient and effective repairs, we can handle all issues big or small.


No one understands the importance of rectifying glass-related issues like the team at Jim’s Glass. For shower screen replacement in Perth, we will come to the greater Perth area no matter what time it is. Knowing the importance of glass safety, we have designed our emergency service to serve home and business homeowners 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Whatever the issue is, or what time it is, there will always be a Jim’s Glass-accredited specialist available to help you.

Our emergency van is equipped with all of the tools and materials needed to fix any issue, and is on standby 24/7 ready to go!


It is vital not to understate the importance of fixing the glass promptly and swiftly. Rather than attempt to handle any repairs or alterations yourself, we have the training and experience to make sure that the process is undertaken safely with your best interest in mind. It is also why it is crucial that you contact our team as soon as possible, to make sure that no injuries happen in your Perth home as a result of the broken glass.

With efficiency and effectiveness as our highest-priority, we can complete your shower screen glass replacement in no time. Our team knows this process thoroughly, and will ensure the safety of your home and have you back to hot showers as soon as possible. Call Jim’s Glass today.