Glass Splashback

How Jims Can Help All Aspects of Your Home Come Alive

Add Functionality And Style In One Sweep

If you are looking for ways to revitalise your home, adding function and style in one convenient sweep, why not give the team at Jim’s Glass a call. Our long list of glass-related services allows you to fully commit to being your home to life, all the while using the same friendly and cooperative team to do so.

Glass may seem like a simple home addition, but at Jim’s, we have designed our services to allow many different alterations to residential properties in Adelaide. So if you want your home to come to life, maybe it’s time to consider the role glass plays in your home!


Mirrors are present in just about every home. Whether they are big or small, in the bathroom or bedroom, everyone needs mirrors. To give yourself the illusion of space, as well as reflective areas for all to admire, Jim’s can provide you with high-quality mirrors, and professionally install them.


At Jim’s, we provide custom splashbacks for kitchens. Mirror or glass splashbacks are fantastic at making your kitchen look bigger than it is. If you want to renovate your kitchen or want to spice things up with a mirror in your cooking space, Jim’s can help you out!


Every home has windows. It is important to ensure that these windows are professionally installed, and of the highest quality. Cutting corners with your windows will prove to be detrimental sooner than you may expect. If you are undertaking a build or renovation, make sure you use glass professionals to make sure that everything will be installed correctly.

Pet Doors

Do you have a furry friend? Getting a bit sick of getting up and down every time they want to venture outside. Well, one of the ways Jim’s Glass can help you add function to your home is to install a pet door. Our high-quality products will allow you to relax more when you are home!


One thing that people seem to forget often is that glass comes in a broad range of different types. At Jim’s Glass, we find that our customers could benefit from some of the other glass products we offer. We offer safety glass, to decrease the likelihood of injury during an incident, and sound-reducing glass for those who live in noisy areas. The addition of these products can add functionality to your home like never before!

Jim’s are here to help you add function and style to your home. To bring your property alive, call Jim’s Today to organise a consultation and quote.