Semi Frameless Shower Screens Perth

How is a semi-frameless shower screen different from other shower screens?

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens Perth

In the world of bathroom design, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different products out there. At Jim’s Glass, we are committed to helping you understand the difference between these products. One of the recurring questions we are asked is concerning the difference between semi-frameless shower screens and other options for shower screens on the Perth market.

If you think that a semi-frameless shower screen is what you need, but you aren’t too sure how it differs from other products on the market, we are here to help you out with some extra information.


Completely frameless shower screens are, as the name suggests, purely glass but in a thicker format.

The regular framed shower screens which feature prominent frames that surround all glass edges with seams on all corners.

The name ‘semi-frameless’ refers to the thin, but strong and durable, carefully integrated frame that has a continuous or seamless appearance around the edges of the glass. The main function of this frame comes down to the use of a thinner glass, so it provides support in the place that needs it most minus the visual bulk. The frames are slim and often come in a silver/chrome finish to match the overall appearance and colour of shower heads.


The popular frameless option is what is commonly used in most showers because of its incredible strength that comes from using thicker glass.

However, the semi-frameless screen option has the strength and durable attributes as well. While frameless shower screens are 10mm in thickness, the semi-frameless screens are 6mm, which may give the impression that the glass is not as strong, however, although the glass is thin, toughened glass is used and the frames, although slim, are made to be superior in strength. Therefore this option is still by far incredibly safe, secure and practical. All glass installed by Jim’s Glass is subject to care and precision to ensure that your shower space is safe and comfortable.

The frame reduces the need for thicker glass, more substantial metal and other parts which are the reasons that drive the prices of shower screens. With that said, semi-frameless shower screen is the better choice. It is not bulky, and it is the best choice for its durability and functionality while still giving you the ultimate in the appearance of your shower!


A semi-frameless shower screen comes at a lower price tag for reasons already given, making it an option for those on a budget. Semi-frameless shower screens have become the cheaper alternative to the completely frameless option. With a lower price tag, comes a few limitations regarding design and installation, but this is all the information that our team at Jim’s Glass can tell you during the consultation phase!

In summary, a semi-frameless shower screen is the best and the cheaper alternative to traditional shower screens. Due to its reduction in glass thickness, it requires a frame to keep the integrity at its edges and points, giving the screen added safety and security. In Perth, semi-frameless shower screens are a great option for the perfect balance in traditional look and functionality. For more information about specific pricing, or to ask about what other products we offer, call Jim’s Glass today.