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How is a Fully Frameless Shower Screen the More Hygienic Option for a Family

Fully Frameless Shower Screens In Perth

Walking into the bathrooms of Perth residential properties, you are likely to see the trendy and timeless frameless shower screen. This elegant addition has launched itself into design trends due to the perfect combination of its functionality and stylish look. While it’s these things that keep Perth homeowners considering frameless shower screens for their homes, there is always an added bonus of the hygienic capabilities these screens exhibit!

For many reasons, a fully frameless shower screen installed by Jim’s Glass is the hygienic option for families. If you don’t want your bathroom to be a breeding ground for germs, and you want to take every precaution possible, a frameless shower screen is a perfect option for you!


A fully frameless shower screen is one of the easiest things to maintain in any residential Perth bathroom. For the health of your family, it is absolutely essential that you clean your bathroom with diligence. The simple design of fully frameless shower screens means that they are very easy to clean. With fewer structural joints and a more ‘open’ design, you can clean your shower more efficiently and effectively without breaking your back trying to get into all of the corners.

Saving you time, and making it easier for you to maintain a clear shower screen, a fully frameless option is perfect for a busy household.

Lack of Frame

Without an aluminium frame, there is not even a small area for mineral deposits and grime to accumulate. Semi-frameless and framed shower screens are known to gather grime and dirt in the gaps between the frame and the glass. Once these are dirty, they can be very difficult and strenuous to clean. Any sort of debris collected in these areas can be hazardous to your health, particularly in infants and the elderly who have weaker immune systems. A fully frameless shower screen doesn’t have a frame, and therefore there is nowhere for the grime to get trapped!

Australian Standards

Like any home alterations, it is absolutely vital that you adhere to Australian standards. Due to safety and security, glass must be installed the proper way. At Jim’s Glass, we know the ins and outs of Australian glass standards. As accredited members of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA), we have access to all of the necessary information and the requirements for accreditation.

AGWA-Member-Logo245x103 How is a Fully Frameless Shower Screen the More Hygienic Option for a Family

With Jim’s Glass, you can rest assured knowing that these standards are adhered to, therefore creating a Perth bathroom space that is safe and secure.

A fully frameless shower screen is the hygienic option for all Perth homes. Not only will you experience minimal maintenance and sophisticated design, but you won’t have to worry about any harmful bacteria trapped in the frame. For a free measure and quote, call Jim’s Glass and talk to our friendly staff today.